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Client Managers / Management Teams

Extend value across your client relationships – building a systematic and workable framework for success.

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Sales Teams

Ensure your sales and service proposition is clear and adopted throughout your organisation.

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Contact Centre Clients

Make sure your business and services objectives are enshrined throughout your outsourced partnership.

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  • Nerys took time and care to understand our business and its growth targets, she also challenged our thinking with useful questions. She shared valuable techniques with us, helping align our business development activity with our strategic goals. All in all a very useful session and one we hope to repeat regularly in order to keep us on track!
    Allison Holland, Director - Leaderful Action
  • I had the pleasure of working with Nerys for 4 years and during that time she demonstrated outstanding client management skills and a great depth of experience of the operational management required to run contact centers effectively. She always added a huge amount of value to clients as she has the experience and expertise required to deliver client requirements effectively, from both a strategic and operational perspective. Nerys was always exceptionally dedicated to delivering an excellent service and was great fun to work with!
    Cathy Grant, Director - Broadsystem
  • Nerys is committed to delivering exceptional customer service to her clients and is always prepared to go the extra mile for them. During my time working with Nerys she always approached each aspect of our contract in a professional and timely manner, ensuring that our service provided good value for money.
    Teresa Logan, Client – National Apprenticeship Service
  • During my time as the TENA Marketing Manager I appointed Nerys (Account Director) and her team as 3rd party business partners to manage the TENA Direct callcentre / online business. Nerys is a very diligent and professional team leader who can both follow a brief and deliver results but is also able to spot opportunities for the businesses such as operating efficiencies, customer service improvements etc. I found Nerys to be a very positive, enthusiastic Acc Director who without doubt helped to develop the brand and move us to the next level.
    Nick Foulger, Client - Tena
  • I was responsible for all Train to Gain IT and Service Desk at the Learning and Skills Council / Skills Funding Agency and I wanted to bring in smaller, more agile suppliers and so took a risk with Broad system . It was a risk that paid off, mainly thanks to Nerys. Nerys made Broad system match the services we were receiving from our Tier 1 suppliers and I never worried about the service. Train to Gain was England-wide, involving a complex number of brokers, providers and colleges and as the Senior Client Manager Nerys made many of my issues go away and I built great trust in Nerys
    Craig Warmington, Client - LSC
  • Nerys was the Account Director for the Volkswagen team for the 3 years I was in charge of the service when working for Proximity London. During this time we worked together to create an award winning Customer lead nurture program and award winning inbound contact centre for VW passenger and commercial vehicles. Nerys’ key skills were in optimizing and successfully managing the complex matrix structure between client and agencies and adding strategic value to newly developed programs . She created a very dedicated team of agents, team leaders and account managers who were thoroughly committed to delivering a great service to Volkswagen. Her skills also meant we were able to have a very honest pragmatic relationship where we could challenge one another to get the best service possible. I would not hesitate to recommend Nerys.
    David Shortland, Client - Volkswagen
  • I have always found Nerys to be a highly committed, professional who will strive to go that extra mile to ensure that her operation was performing at its optimum in delivering value to her clients. Her attention to detail meant that every option was explored, every opportunity exploited to the full. Added to which Nerys is a straightforward, easy person to do business with.
    Peter Parsons, Client – British Gas
  • Nerys is a highly committed individual, with her focus and energy. Her key strength is relationship management which enabled her to develop long and fruitful relationships with her clients. She is also very able in sales roles and is very much a hybrid with many years of client relationship experience. She can be relied on to get the job done.
    Vince McErlane, Sales Director – Call Credit / Echo Managed Services
  • Nerys was a star player right from when she joined Ready call. I immediately saw her sales potential and knew we had the makings of an excellent team player. Nery's is organized, methodical and a credit to the sales industry.
    David Mead, Sales Director – Scandex Group (Ready call)
  • I worked with Nerys for around 3 years. She had a huge amount of energy and enthusiasm and always demonstrated excellent client engagement skills and was always on top of the client services she was responsible for across the channels these were delivered through. Nerys was committed to doing the right thing, was a glass half full type of person and was fun to work with.
    David Carter, Director – Broad system
  • Nerys was in charge of Client Services at Greenland and I found Nerys to be a very highly self-motivated enthusiastic individual who was very capable of running a team and getting the best from them. Always professional, always friendly, well liked and respected with a strong focus on getting the job done effectively.
    Elaine Bentley, General Manager – Greenland Interactive
  • Nerys was the fulcrum of a successful Client relationship during our time together at Broad system managing the outsourced contact centre requirements of a major Utility. Nery's has all of the key attributes that make a truly successful Account Director including excellent communication skills and an analytical approach to opportunities and challenges. Nery's is never afraid to take on responsibility and is quick to establish the trust of Clients & colleagues alike.
    Nick McConnell, Sales Director - Broad system
  • I worked with Nerys for around 3 years during my time working for Call Credit Marketing Solutions and during two of these years I reported directly to Nerys. Nerys is exceptionally good at her job and is the best line manager I have had in my working life. She has an incredible enthusiasm and passion for her work, an outlook which is impossible not to be absorbed by anyone working with her.
    Ben Taylor, Account Manager – Call Credit Marketing Solutions
  • I have known Nerys for over 15 years and worked with her on several occasions, including most recently as the DBF UK Sales Manager. Nerys is professional, creative, passionate, intelligent and honest.
    Peter Gale, Managing Director – DBF UK
  • Nerys is indefatigable, smart, strategic and - most of all - human. You'll get a great result if you work with her. Better still, you'll enjoy it.
    Annie Garthwaite, Supplier
  • Nerys recruited me to join her team at The Listening Company. She was my manager from 2002 – 2004. Nerys was responsible for the set up and day to day delivery of the Volkswagen account, a flagship account at TLC. Nerys was a great Manager with real passion and enthusiasm for top quality delivery. She fostered a wonderful team of people who were loyal, happy, knowledgeable and productive. Nerys set the bar high in terms of high quality delivery for the client and expertly managed complex client and supplier relationships to ensure good value for all.
    Donna Weston, Account Director
  • I’ve known Nerys for 7 years, when she first employed me to work with her at Call Credit in 2008. Whilst working with Nerys on one of our key clients, P & G, I was able to achieve 100% of my Revenue Targets for 2012. She knew my end goal and worked with me to ensure I thought strategically about how I would get there (whilst giving me the confidence that I would be able to achieve it). Nerys help me understand what drove me and what drives others which enables me to confidently work towards achieving my objectives. She has energy and enthusiasm like no other and she injects that into everyone she meets.
    Natascha Guruscu, Account Manager
  • I have worked with Nerys a couple of times but most significantly when she was the supplier Account Director on a significant Government initiative. I always found Nerys' ability to work with clients and understand their challenges excellent and she was unequivocally able to find ways to support them. The building of the very complex Skills Pledge system for the LSC was awarded to Broad system as a direct consequence of the trust that she had built through many detailed engagements with the LSC. Nerys is incredibly competent and I highly recommend her.
    John Addis, Client - LSC
  • Nerys is an astute Account Director with an excellent eye for detail and an exceptional focus on customer engagement. Nerys brings to the table a wealth of experience across a range of sectors, and in doing so, is able to demonstrate a sound understanding of customer management best practice. Never short of an idea or recommendation, Nerys is able to add significant value to any project or operation.
    Lee Pickard, Client – News UK
  • Nerys is a committed, passionate, intelligent and totally focused individual. I worked alongside Nerys within the same organization and quickly identified her as a key influencer across the business. She has since moved on and now provides services to my company - as ever she is tenacious and driven to getting the desired result. An asset to any team and a master of getting the job done.
    Chris McDonald, Managing Director – Call Credit Marketing Solutions

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