Big Nev – Why most contact centre professionals would prefer him to be a bit smaller.

For almost 20 years very few people have known what a ‘call/contact centre’ is. Now when you’re in a pub and you say you work in a contact centre most people happily connect and say “oh like the one on that BBC Three programme?” I want to scream “NO! NO! NO!” but instead I just shrug and say “a bit”.

There are so many things that make “The Call Centre” watchable and I admire the energy evident on the calling floor and the wacky initiatives that are put in place to keep the staff engaged but what makes me hide behind my pillow and cringe are the bad practices which will fuel perception of our professional world.

Telemarketing done professionally definitely has a place and will deliver ROI. Almost all outsourced and in-house contact centres know that you don’t need to look and sound like a zoo to get results. It’s about working with the brand team and the data teams to ensure calls are being made to the right people, with the right message at the right time.

Any contact centre that is accredited by the DMA will hold up their badge as clear evidence that the data and marketing practices that are in place adhere to the clear guidelines. We care about the customer experience; we manage our diallers in a super compliant way; we bonus our staff against quality more than anything else and we love pouring over our Voice of the Customer scores.

Unless he pulls his socks up Nev doesn’t, and probably never will have DMA accreditation so despite recognising that he is undoubtedly one of the industries personalities I have to give him a big red, Britains got better talent, cross X!