Client Managers / Management Teams


Using world class sales training and having spent two decades successfully developing the skills of client managers I have created innovative frameworks to-

Upskill Client Relationship Management teams so they can add value and deliver organic growth independently.

Tailoring proven techniques a bespoke program will be developed based on your businesses individual requirements.

  • Workshops / Training
  • Focus Groups
  • Strategic planning clinics - tailored for a specific client or vertical sector
  • On-Going Skype clinics to maintain strategic focus
  • Independent Client Satisfaction Review
  • Coaching and Mentoring

With a commercial obsession the outputs will be measured through an improvement to the stability, value and growth trajectory of your client partnerships.

The programme will inspire, invigour and inject a positive focus which will deliver clear returns.


Following the creation of a business case which outlines clear tangible benefits the workshop / training session will be tailored to your needs.

The workshop could include innovative ways to understand:

  • The process for creating and selling within a trusted partnership.
  • Ways to communicate your sales and service messages effectively.
  • How to better understand your client and make sure you convert this understanding to mutually benefit both parties.
  • How to become the agenda setter in the relationship (moving from re-active to proactive).

  • Sign NDA

    Investigation / Immersion
    Phone consultation with attendees to understand their individual needs.
    Discuss required outputs with Management

  • Business Case

    Based on feedback from the investigation stage a recommended approach will be proposed in a business case. The business case will include measurable objectives. I am happy to discuss a commercial model linked to the success of these objectives.

  • Sign Off & Delivery

    The workshop will be tailored to the needs of the business and the team who attend.

  • Output Report

    Create a Feedback Report which details the outputs from the session with executable actions so the investment in the session can be clearly recognised

Focus Groups

Use an objective perspective from a trained, experienced and qualified coach.

These focus groups will involve 5 – 10 people and could have representation from different areas in your business: the client services team, sales team; operations etc. They can last from 2 – 4 hours.

An opportunity to think through common goals, challenge barriers to success or explore a spark of an idea.

Output will be a report giving an overview of the common themes, recommendations and executable actions to develop. As the recommendations will be executable the investment in this session can be clearly realised.

On-going clinics to maintain strategic focus

A mentoring approach to ensuring momentum is maintained. A commercially viable solution to ensuring The Strategy Script © remains on course. These sessions can be carried out face to face; via Skype / Video Conference or phone. They can be conducted monthly or quarterly.

Strategic planning clinics - tailored for a specific client or vertical sector

Creating a visionary environment to put plans in place to build a systematic and workable framework for success.

Use a clinic to create a Strategy Script © mapping the opportunities within the client / sector. The Strategy Script © is a framework which takes an honest view of the relationship and service as is and develops realistic steps to move the relationship to a trusted partnership where the commercial gains are significant.

Independent Client Satisfaction Review

Demonstrate to your clients how much their satisfaction matters by using an independent resource to gain an impartial view.

Most Outsourcers will measure satisfaction levels at a top line level. And whilst it’s easy to tell when a client is unhappy (!) it can be very helpful to give your clients the opportunity to air their thoughts with someone who sits outside of the relationship.

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