Sales Teams

Sales Focus for Business Development Teams

Give your proposition a workout.

With your competitors adding products or services at breakneck speed the race to make your point of differentiation clear is critical. All too often sales messages are unclear, are not adopted throughout the organisation and are inconsistent.

Using an objective and experienced perspective will allow your Business Development teams the opportunity to:

  • Review the overall proposition
  • Pitch-It.  Honest and Constructive support to improve your pitch (general or bespoke for a crucial pitch).
  • Consider your pipeline management
  • Review organisational adoption of sales messages

Is there a consistent approach to your messaging? Is it compelling? Is it adopted throughout the business? Does your elevator pitch resonate? Are your revenue targets broken down into executable and measurable activities? Is your pitch innovative or clear enough for your target market/s? Does your pitch stand up well against your competitors?

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